AMIRA Roadmap for Exploration Under Cover

VISION: Delivering Australia's major new mines by locating and unlocking future mineral wealth, and positioning Australia as the global leader in exploration beneathpost-mineral cover rocks.

The AMIRA Roadmap for Exploration Under Cover is the key output from facilitated workshops that identified and prioritised the Australian minerals exploration industry's long-term R&D needs. The context for the Roadmap is improving exploration and discovery performance in areas of post-mineral cover which dominate much of the Australian continent. The time horizon for the Roadmap is 10-20 years.

The Roadmap process was undertaken by AMIRA International Limited, on behalf of its members and the broader minerals exploration community.

The Roadmap builds on work completed by the UNCOVER Implementation Committee which was convened after the Australian Academy of Science's 2010 Theo Murphy High Flyers Think Tank.

It is recognised that Australia's easily-found, economically viable, non-ferrous mineral deposits have already been discovered and, to a large extent, exploited. Future non-ferrous mineral discoveries will occur in the large portion of Australia that is under post-mineral cover. This presents a new set of difficult challenges.

If we are to dramatically reduce the high cost and even higher risk of exploring in these covered areas and improve the discovery rate, we must address the data, knowledge and technology capability needs identified by the Roadmap.

The AMIRA Roadmap for Exploration Under Cover provides a blueprint for addressing these challenges and will require the collective action of industry, academia and government to ensure that the vision of the Roadmap is realised.

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