Mineral Systems workshop

Conceptual diagram of a mineral system

The purpose of the mineral systems workshop were to:

  1. Bring together, in an open discussion forum, a range of geoscientists who have worked with or wish to work in a mineral systems framework. The emphasis was on conversations.
  2. Work towards a 'standard' to describe a mineral system, its elements and how it can be applied in undercover exploration in Australia.

Presentations and summaries from the Mineral Systems Workshop

Schematic illustration of a mineral system

  1. John Walshe (CSIRO) Workshop introduction [PPT 6.8MB]
  2. Subhash Jaireth (Geoscience Australia) Mineral Systems: A brief history of the concept - lessons learnt and not learnt [PPT 24.6MB]
  3. Richard Blewett (Geoscience Australia) There are five things we need to know [PPT 3.3MB]
  4. Jon Hronsky (Encounter Resources) The WMS Approach to Predictive Targeting using the Mineral System Method: A Dynamic, Fluid-Centric Approach [PPT 2.6MB]
  5. Anthony Schofield & David Huston (Geoscience Australia) An approach to mineral potential mapping using a mineral systems approach: an example of IOCG deposits in the Northern Territory [PPT 6.9MB]
  6. Cam McCuaig (Centre for exploration targeting - University of Western Australia) Mineral Systems: expanding the discoverable footprint of buried resources [PPT 3.3MB]
  7. David Huston (Geoscience Australia) A straw man mineral systems classification [PPT 2.5MB]
  8. Jon Claoue-Long (Geoscience Australia) Scale and magmatic Ni systems - Less chemistry more physics of location, location, location [PPT 7.8MB]
  9. Greg Hall (Independent) Orogenic gold targeting [PPT 7.3MB]
  10. David Huston (Geoscience Australia) Fertility and endowment indices for mineral systems: examples for Zn-Pb systems [PPT 3.2MB]
  11. Steve Barnes (CSIRO) Magma fertility and ore deposits: lessons from magmatic systems [PPT 2.2MB]
  12. Janet Tunjic (Optiro) Mineral Systems and gold exploration [PPT 5.8MB]
  13. Trevor Beardsmore (GSWA) Mineral systems studies in Western Australia [PPT 2.5MB]
  14. Phil Blevin (Geological Survey of New South Wales) Mineral system studies at the GSNSW [PPT 13.3MB]
  15. Martin Fairclough & Simon van der Wielen (South Australian Department for Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy) Mineral systems research in South Australia [PPT 8.5MB]
  16. Richard Blewett (Geoscience Australia) UNCOVER mineral system workshop notes July 2013 [PDF 511KB]