Executive Committee

Relatively small group with representation from Industry, Surveys, Geological Societies (AGC), Universities, MCA, AMEC and CSIRO. Responsible for:

  • Set and review strategy and its effectiveness
  • Ensure proper governance of initiatives principles
  • Engage government
  • Engage key groups such as CSIRO, AuScope, ARC, Geoscience Australia, Chief Government Geologists
  • Derive and monitor success metrics
  • Ensure sufficient momentum is occurring
  • Appoint and work with subcommittees

Executive Committee Members

Mr. Paul Agnew, Rio Tinto Exploration
Prof. Michael Asten, Australian Geoscience Council
Mr. Jonathan Law, Mineral Resources Flagship CSIRO
Dr. Gavin Lind, Minerals Council of Australia
Dr. Phil McFadden, FAA, Australian Academy of Science (Chair)
Dr. Andrew McNeill, Geological Survey of Tasmania
Prof. Suzanne O'Reilly, FAA, National Committee for Earth Sciences
Dr. Chris Pigram, Geoscience Australia
Mr. Will Robinson, Encounter Resources & President of AMEC
Mr. Robbie Rowe, Industry independent