Geoscience Committee

Representation from leaders and young scientists, across sector and geographically. Responsible for:

  • Drive the UNCOVER process
  • Promote UNCOVER across all sectors
  • Monitor science activity and recommend endorsement of science projects
  • Identify gaps and opportunities
  • Report on success metrics including uptake in industry
  • Encourage effective and ongoing collaboration on specific projects
  • Capture learnings
  • Convene focused workshops on science themes

Geoscience Committee Members

Dr. Steve Beresford, Industry independent (Chair)
Dr. Juan-Carlos Afonso, Macquarie University
Dr. Graham Begg, Minerals Targeting International
Dr. Phillip Blevin, Geological Survey New South Wales
Dr. Richard Blewett, Geoscience Australia
Dr. Graeme Broadbent, Rio Tinto Exploration
Dr. Karol Czarnota, Geoscience Australia
Dr. Caroline Forbes, DETCRC University of Adelaide
Prof. Bruce Gemmell, CODES, University of Tasmania
Dr. Anthony Harris, Newcrest Mining
Dr. Steve Hill, Geological Survey of South Australia
Prof. Richard Hillis, Deep Exploration Technologies CRC
Dr. Robert Hough, Minerals Resources Flagship CSIRO
Dr. Jon Hronsky, Encounter & Cassini Resources
Dr. Richard Lilly, Mount Isa Mines, Glencore
Dr Campbell McCuaig, BHP Billiton
Dr. Paul Polito, Industry independent
Dr. Roric Smith, Evolution Mining
Dr. Andrew Tomkins, Monash University
Dr. Ian Tyler, Geological Survey Western Australia
Ms. Lisa Vella, Industry independent
Ms Adele Seymon, AMIRA International
Dr Matthew Steen, Mineral Council of Australia